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UnBreak Your Health

This book, while not specifically about TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction), references it as an effective method.

Interested in learning about complementary or alternative therapies but don't know where to begin? That's the reason for this exciting new book, UnBreak Your Health! This is the complete guide to different types of alternative medical concepts, different processes and techniques and a variety of healing devices.

Most mainstream medical doctors believe in the old adage that "you can't unbreak the mirror" so they try to glue your health back together with drugs. Holistic and natural therapy practitioners want to treat the real source of the problem and deal with all facets - mind, body and spirit. This complete approach to health care can produce dramatic results, often after doctors has declared there is nothing that can be done.

UnBreak Your Health offers proven healing techniques from 5,000 years ago to the most modern innovations. With over 300 listings in 135 categories this is the most complete book ever published on complementary and alternative therapies. There is only one short paragraph on diets and supplements however since there are so many books already published on the subject. This new book focuses on therapies, systems and devices.

About the Author

Alan E. Smith found better health with CAM after a failed trip to the Mayo Clinic. He launched an alternative health service but wanted to bring the news about complementary and alternative healing to everyone. Using his background in journalism and the media he's created the most comprehensive reference guide on the subject covering the entire spectrum of body, mind and spirit health care.