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Traumatic Incident Reduction: Research & Results

First Edition

Second Edition

Traumatic Incident Reduction: Research & Results provides synopses of several TIR research projects from the early 1990s to today. Each article, in the researcher's own words, provides new insights into the effectiveness of Traumatic Incident Reduction. The three doctoral dissertation level studies that form the core of this book investigate the outcome results of TIR with crime victims, incarcerated females, and anxiety and panic disorders respectively (Bisbey, Valentine, and Coughlin.)

Both informal and formal reports of the "Active Ingredient" study by Charles R. Figley and Joyce Carbonell of Florida State University investigate how TIR and other brief treatments for traumatic stress provide relief. A further case study by Teresa Descilo, MSW informs of outcomes from an ongoing project to provide help to at-risk middle-school students in an inner-city setting.

An introduction by Robert H. Moore, Ph.D. provides background into how TIR provides relief for symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and firmly establishes the roots of TIR in the traditions of desensitization, imaginal flooding, and Rogerian techniques.

This book contains the most detailed list of Traumatic Incident Reduction and Applied Metapsychology resources yet published. This appendix includes references to dissertations, books, selected journal articles, AMI/TIRA newsletter compendium, web resources, and the TIR and Applied Metapsychology lecture series (audio). Includes index.

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