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REBOOT! Confronting PTSD on Your Terms: A Workbook

Are You Ready to Reboot Your PTSD?
Reboot! Confronting PTSD on Your Terms offers a well-structured method for getting a grip on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and starting to turn it around. Detailed inventories provide the opportunity to explore needs, both physical and emotional, both needs that are met and those that are unmet. Powell recommends doing one’s own work with these inventories to maximize the effectiveness of therapy. He covers a brief overview of many trauma treatments, including the one he chose.

If you’re a trauma survivor, Reboot! will help you:

David Powell says:
"Don’t be fooled by what you hear. PTSD is not a medical condition. And… with the right therapeutic approach, it is completely reversible!"

“David Powell offers a simple but effective workbook for traumatized veterans and others suffering the effects of traumatic events to take stock of their situation. He sees this, as well as working to address unmet needs, as key steps in addressing and resolving trauma. His aim is to assist the user of this workbook to regain a sense of progress and achievement. A job well done. --Marian Volkman, author Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with Metapsychology

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