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Reviews of Beyond Psychology

This is an important book whose author, Frank Gerbode, is a physician, a psychiatrist, and also trained in philosophy. Gerbode's work outlines a new subject embracing the origin, structure, and function of the mind, and the relationship between the person, the mind, and the physical universe.... Beyond Psychology deserves to be widely known, studied and applied. With its publication, the search for a new synthesis has come a long way.

L.H. Gann, Ph.D., Senior Fellow
Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Stimulating and helpful ... especially the section on Traumatic Incident Reduction.... [Beyond Psychology] will contribute a great deal in thought change for the better.

Robert A Harper, Ph.D., Book Review Editor
Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Mankind has reached a critical point in the history of its attempts to overcome personal disabilities. Metapsychology represents a new and effective way of "viewing" ourselves, our worlds, and our relationships with each other.

Jerry Davis, Ph.D., Director Research and Policy Analysis
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

Metapsychology catapults the field of psychotherapy out of what Arnold Lazarus called its "pre-paradigmatic phase", with as comprehensive and cohesive a theoretical and clinical model as the profession has ever known. Resorting neither conceptually nor semantically to vague psycho-spiritual constructions, it resects the ambiguities and contradictions of traditional psychological models. It rescues therapist and client alike from the false assumptions that have long governed the so-called "therapeutic relationship". In fact, it makes the roles of therapist and client, as we've known them, virtually obsolete.

Not in twenty-four years of clinical practice, nor anywhere in the spectrum of psychotherapeutic technique, have I found a more straight-to-the-core and consistently successful approach to the understanding and alleviation of human emotional and psychological distress than Gerbode's basic Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR): a procedure that employs a range of skills so clearly definable, easily transmittable and objectively verifiable that, with just two to three months of training, any intelligent and caring person could become as clinically effective as the most rigorously trained and keenly intuitive psychotherapist one could ever hope to become.

Robert H. Moore, Ph.D., Director Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy
Clearwater, Florida